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 Sullivan Solutionz return policy:
Phones and other merchandise sold by Sullivan Solutionz are guaranteed for 30 days to work as intended. Guarantee does not cover items broken or otherwise damaged by misuse or accidents. Such items may be returned for exchange, repair or a refund at Sullivan Solutionz discretion during the 30 day return period. Return of phones that are as described may be returned within 7 days at Sullivan Solutionz discretion and may incurr a 15% restocking fee. If your item is not right return it immediately. IF YOU BREAK IT THEN IT IS YOURS.
Sullivan Solutionz Repair Guarantee:
All work and parts are guaranteed for 30 days. If a repair fails we will fix it or refund. If we attempt a repair and it cannot be done there is no cost unless agreed upon up front. Our liablity is limited to the exact work we perform. The condition of a damaged device cannot be known with any degree of certainty and considering the delicate nature of electronics Sullivan Solutionz will not assume any liablity for damage, loss of data or even the theft of devices left for repair. We will take every precaution to protect your devices and encourage our customers to back up data before a repair. Customers will have an opportunity to read a full diclosure before a repair and may sign a liability release. IF YOU BREAK IT OUR WARRANTY IS VOID.
Sullivan Solutionz Merchant Policy
Sullivan Solutionz may collect personal information such as names, addresses and or phone numbers during the course of business to complete returns, collect payment or otherwise comunicate with you during the course of business. This information may be shared with third parties as needed for completion of business transactions. Your addresses, email or phone numbers may be used by Sullivan Solutionz to contact you with offers or information regarding smart technology. It will never be sold to third parties. Third party sites that assist in billing or selling our merchandise may collect and use your data per their policy that you, as a user, should be aware of when you use these sites. This is not within our control. During the repair of your devices our technicians may inadvertantly see personal data or communications come through during a repair. We will not make an effort to view your data and encourage you to back up and remove any data you feel you would not want seen prior to presenting your device for a repair. If you present a device for sale to Sullivan Solutionz we will check the device against known listings for stolen or blacklisted devices. If the device is stolen we may contact law enforcement with your information. We never buy stolen goods. We will not accuse you of being the one that stole it, but simply may report its presence,  and accept no responsibility for anything that may come from interaction with the authories.